Harry Oates

President, CEO

Mr. Oates brings his 25+ years of experience in television and digital content, direct response advertising, brand development, and media buying. As an entrepreneur, he built and owned Pro Image Studios, a successful television production company, producing programming for many national networks (ABS, CBS, NBC, PBS, ESPN, Pursuit, Weather Nation, Bounce TV) and national brands (Computer Associates, Dish Network, Pall Corporation, Chrysler, Twin Labs , Changes International).

Since 2013 Mr. Oates has served as Executive Vice President of Broadcast Operations for Weather Nation TV, with the responsibility of building out the studio operations, hiring the creative team, meteorologists as well as all field reporters. Mr. Oates designed and formatted the on-air productions that are now seen in over 50 million homes on Direct TV and Dish Network.

Mr. Oates currently owns a television production facility in the New York area with studio space, multiple post-production edit suites, audio production and multiple field production units. As a media buying executive he has managed multi‐million dollar budgets for many national campaigns.

Vincent Butta

Head of Marketing & Distribution

Visionary executive business leader with a 30-year track record in Executive Management. As President of Solaris Entertainment, Vincent helped grow and launch the company from a 2000 winner of Sundance with independent feature film “Tumbleweeds” to a series of top Feature films (and two Oscar nominations) and TV shows, including 2005 “Miracle” staring Kurt Russell for Disney, Pride and Glory starring Edward Norton and Jon Voight for Lionsgate and 2010 “Warrior” with Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte (Best supporting actor nomination).

In addition, As managing partner of Crimson Films he executive produced (ANCHOR BAY)  the 2005 cult-hit “Malevolence”, its 2009 sequel “Bereavement” as well as the horror star studded cult-hit comedy “Brutal Massacre”.

Mr. Butta has hosted and produced two food and travel  TV series  “Authentic Greece”, and “Authentic Sicily” as well as having a staring role in the ABC’s prime time show called “My Kind of Town”.

Vincent is the producer of a new a TV series for the CW called “Malibu Clout”. He was the winner of the 1980 young comedians show for NBC.

Roger Leardi

Chief Technology Officer

Roger J. Leardi is Chief Developer and Technology Director. He is a veteran of the software and technology industry with over 20 years of experience leading and managing companies, projects and clients ranging in size from start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations.

He has had experience managing a wide variety of projects over the past 20 years. He is experienced in most software development methodologies and architectural patterns.

He is experienced in enterprise deployment of web based systems, client server applications, and mobile applications.

He is also skilled in managing the creative process, business process definition and requirement gathering, design and development, Quality Assurance, deployment and training.

Mr. Leardi has overseen and developed our proprietary infrastructure including the design and development of our apps , our custom middleware and payment systems, content delivery systems.

Damon Roberts

Chairman, COO

Damon Roberts is a Radio, Television & Infomercial host, seen on major networks across the country, including NBC in New York, Direct TV and Dish Network, Pursuit Channel on Direct TV and numerous other Direct Response advertisements.

Besides his hosting duties, Mr. Roberts has pitched numerous products in the Direct Response, 30 minute infomercial market and has starred in many 30 sec and 1 minute commercials. Mr. Roberts also served as Chief Executive Officer, and President of Sports Internet Solutions Inc., a comprehensive sports media company, where his focus on content creation, direct sales to consumers, strengthening of the product line and improved operational efficiency, and execution led to significant company growth from 2005 to 2013.

He was instrumental in the start-up and growth of that business into a national presence, implementing the framework for business processes and growth that allowed the firm to grow while servicing the needs of its clients. From 2007 – 2011, Damon created and hosted the nationally televised Game Time Info, a football pre-game show. Mr. Roberts earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Education in 1994 from Hofstra University.

Michael Arietta

Director of Digital Platform

Michael is an entertainment industry visionary with a proven track record of building and leading companies in both traditional and digital media.

Most recently he served as Executive Vice President at Sony Pictures where he spearheaded the studio’s move into the digital future through online and mobile distribution, gaming, social media, ad sales, content production and technology development.

While there Michael oversaw the creation of over 50 film/television/online series, 75 cross-platform games and 200 websites and was instrumental in the rollout of new businesses that have materially altered the media landscape.

He has established deals and relationships with the biggest companies in the entertainment industry including Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, PlayStation, Blockbuster, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Vudu, Hulu, Yahoo!, TiVo, and many others.

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